COMPANYSince 2003, a special study of green storage machine since its inception Chuangxin Machinery Factory is located in Huojia County of Henan Province, which is a modern agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise which includes R & D, manufacturing and sales. Products are specific green and yellow forage harvester. All along, I plant excellent technical research and development of technical personnel with reference to foreign technology, and experiencedoperators around the careful communication, field testing, and efficien......【MORE>>】
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By Jiaxian County town of a mirror-Xin Machinery Plant. Agricultural equipment specialized in agricultural machinery research, development, manufacturing of advanced institutions. Since 2003, the special research and development of the machine since the machine, with many manufacturers, foreign technology, as well as domestic multi-regional corn growers, cattle farmers exchanges, joint research and development, experiments, in the machine has made good achievements.
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